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When A Luxury Black Owned Brand Meets Pioneers in Black Education

Supporting The Morehouse College Alumni Association

"Let There Be Light"
"Vitae London is honored to unveil a historic collaboration with Morehouse College, a testament to heritage, excellence, and a shared vision for the future. This exclusive timepiece collection, encompassing the Morehouse V1 Chronograph Watch and the Morehouse V1 Automatic Timepiece, is not just a fusion of high craftsmanship and style but also a celebration of Morehouse's profound legacy as a leader in education and empowerment.

Our Collection: A Tale of Two Timepieces:

Morehouse V1 Automatic Timepiece


Stainless Steel

10 ATM Water Resistance

Limited to 200 Pieces

Individually Numbered

38mm Width
49.5mm Height
13mm Thick

Morehouse V1 Chronograph Watch


Gold Tone Stainless Steel

5 ATM Water Resistance


Not Numbered

38mm Width
49.5mm Height
13mm Thick

The partnership between Vitae London and Morehouse College goes beyond mere aesthetics. It's a synergy of values, a melding of histories, and a shared mission to influence the future positively. Each purchase from this collection not only adorns the wrist with a symbol of excellence but also contributes to shaping the destinies of the next generation of Morehouse scholars.

These timepieces are more than just accessories; they are a celebration of a legacy, an embodiment of history, and a commitment to the future. As these watches are available in limited quantities, owning one becomes not just an act of style, but a part of a larger narrative — a narrative of empowerment, excellence, and timeless elegance.

Vitae London, a brand synonymous with sophistication and social responsibility, invites you to be a part of this extraordinary journey. Join us in honoring the spirit of Morehouse College, a beacon of knowledge and leadership, and wear a piece of history that echoes a brighter future."

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Pre-order: November 24 2023 - Feb 28 2024
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