Groom Gift Guide

The big day rapidly approaches and whether you're the Bride or simply a guest, the one person it's difficult to choose a gift for is often... the Groom.

We have listed below 4 amazing Groom Gift options for all styles and budgets.

£49 / $69

What do you give to the man who has it all? An item that can compliment them all! The Ada Cuff Bracelet does just that, an affordable but sleek item perfect to gift a groom on the big day! There is also the option to engrave it specifically to make it a real memorable item.

£229 / $319


The Elmington Emerald provides the signature circle face of the Vitae London watch with a unique rich and vibrant emerald green face.

The perfect Watch for the Groom who wants to stand out in fashion and if the Bride has an emerald ring the his and hers sizing could be a match made in heaven.

£219 / $309


This is definitely one of the most slender and understated groom gift options but the most popular one we've seen.

The midnight Watch is slim yet still super high quality and is perfect for the groom who feels that less is more.

The quality of the Watch is excellent and looks great. I bought it for my husband & he loves it. Added bonus proceeds go to help others. Thank you!

— Valencia Munroe
  Verified Purchase  

£229 / $319


The Elmington Ocean and Silver Vitae London Watch is also a very popular option for Grooms, especially those who opt to wear a Navy blue suit on their big day.

This Watch can come with additional straps / bezels (rim) so that the lucky Groom can change their Watch between Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.


Engraving x Social Good

In line with Vitae London's mission all products above help support a Child through Education across Sub-Saharan Africa, by either providing school uniform or a solar lamp to enable young people to study safely in the evenings.

All products can be engraved to make the moment even more special.



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