2020 Mothers Day Campaign


My Mother's family is from an area in Ghana called Ada, it's a land filled with beautiful vibrant people and a stunning vast land filled with beaches, lakes and forest - Every August Ada is home to one of Ghana's popular annual Events named the Asafotufiam Festival. Despite its richness in minerals and abundance of fish, due to the nature of the land, many of the children have no access to electricity at all, which hinders educational development. We were made aware about this need by the Ada Development Network's chair; Seth Amegavie, so it was an honour to distribute over 100 solar lamps on the Islands for the Children and parents to make great use of them.
For Mothers day we decided to highlight one of these families, via our campaign you see firsthand the impact the lights make and the relief they can be to Mothers in the more rural areas - we've decided to also take things further and give free engraving on all orders until Friday March 20th and we'll also be doubling our donations in this period - meaning with every product sold, you will be supporting 2 families.
Much love,
William Adoasi

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